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Bernhardt Disability Law

Your Local Social Security Disability Attorney

You should be able to count on direct and personal attention from your disability attorney. We have chosen to specialize in only disability law so that we can answer every question and approach all Social Security Disability related issues. We want each client to feel like a person rather than a case number.

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Social Security Representation

The Social Security system can create a confusing experience. Nobody wants to face that experience alone. Let us help you through the appeals process to ensure that your claim is being evaluated properly and you have the best possible chances for success.

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Free Initial Consultation

Every client can speak with an attorney free of charge to evaluate the nature and needs of their claim. Whether over the phone, or in person, each potential client can schedule up to one hour of direct attorney time.

No Fee without Success

Disability attorney fees are regulated by the Social Security Administration. You do not pay any fee unless we are successful in your claim. Our fees are fully contingent upon success and are paid from past due benefits only.

Direct Attorney Involvement

As a small office with a narrowly specialized practice, we are able to guarantee that every claim will be handled by your attorney directly. Know that our full legal expertise will be applied at every step of the process.

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1111 S. Orchard St., Suite 246, Boise, ID 83705, USA

Ph: (208) 344-3839

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