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Meet Your Attorney

Expertise and Caring

Jake started his career heading towards medical school. Immediately after finishing his undergraduate degree, he started working at a disability firm assisting with the preparation of medical files for upcoming disability hearings. Within the first two months, he found himself traveling throughout the west to present cases as a non-attorney claimants' representative. By the time medical school should have started, Jake realized that he was perfectly happy doing what he had been doing already -- helping people with their disability claims.

It didn't make sense to continue as a non-attorney, so Jake attended law school at the J. Reuben Clark School of Law in Provo, Utah and graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2006. He moved to Boise Idaho immediately following completion of law school, passed the bar, and joined practice with a small team of incredible disability attorneys, who carried out their practices exactly how Jake wanted to practice.

It has always been important to Jake that he be able to work directly with his clients and have personal interaction with each claim. Jake has never had the desire to build a large firm that could potentially lose track of that individualized feel.

As a lawyer and with his work as a non-attorney, Jake has helped thousands of people win their battle with Social Security to get their benefits in place. His accumulated two decades of experience, focused entirely on disability practice, have made Jake uniquely capable to handle any Social Security Disability challenge.

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Jake Bernhardt

Attorney at Law

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